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Adblocker plus trying to steal your PPC business

Most general websites we go on to these days tend to contain an advert or 2. Google has the largest ad network on the internet showing your ads not just on but also on a large range of other websites.

The main purpose of you spending money with Google is for your ads to be seen and for you to gain new business/clients. Many companies over the past few years have been trying to stop that from happening with one in particular becoming very popular. A few years back software was developed to disable any adverts that were present on any website, the software in general was an answer to those who thought adverts were a distraction. Adblocking software has now received over 100million downloads over the world and causing many problems for those who advertise on Google or even Facebook.

The first issue with this is a large part of the internet today is free to use, companies like Google, Yahoo, Bing wouldn’t be as big (or even around at all) if they didn’t sell advertising space to make money. If you stopped them from advertising then would search engines or news outlets display information for free?

So what about the headline and how does this fit in?

From what most believed to be a good thing in blocking ads may have now have changed, The software Adblock which has served so many people well in stopping adverts has now made the decision to sell advertising space in the space where the blocked advert appeared. What this essentially means is that by using their software you will no longer see Google ads, Facebook ads etc… you will instead see their adverts!

So then in reality we have Adblock not just signed their own death sentence in going against its principles and doing something that it tried to stop. Like most companies Adblock knew they were popular and with 100million downloads they needed to know how they could then make money from their idea. Since the birth of printed newspapers companies needed to sell ad space in order to offer their product for as cheap as possible or even free, this way of working has never changed and never will do.


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