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Getting your business online – Website designers Perth

Getting your business online – Website designers Perth

So your looking at your current business presence on the internet?

The internet is an always changing giant that quickly evolves. Companies that struggle to move with the times tend to get left behind, this is something that needs be taken in to account when setting up an online presence. Whether your a company in Perth, London, or Beijing a website can help your business become accessible to people world wide.

To start with you first need a domain name and hosting space to store your website so it can be accessed to users of the world wide web. These are pretty standard things and are required regardless. When choosing a domain name you need to think about something that relates to your business and would be easy for people to remember and put in. Most will say when choosing a domain name to pick something that will rank you higher on google (example:, this however is old news and Google does not hold domain names with such high regard anymore. Pick something that is easy to spell and to remember with a UK relevant domain tag (.UK,, .scot, .london).

To go with your domain name you need web hosting space. Web hosting is space on a server that is rented and available for all to find when searching for your domain name. Web hosting can range in cost and is all dependant on how many visitors your website is expected to get and how complex your website is. Having a server that is too slow will effect your customer user experience as well as your Google ranking.

Once you have those parts you then need a well designed website that is not only clear to navigate but also lists all your information clearly. As long as you make sure your website conforms to the latest standards and is mobile friendly then it can be about anything you want.  What is important is that the website is built quickly and professionally. Website design work usually contains a one off cost (although monthly payment web design costs can be proposed) then after that the website is yours to maintain or have maintained. Most of the websites created by Greenleaf Creative (web designers Perth) are designed on WordPress as this gives clients the easiest access to maintenance and helps reduce costs. Over 60% of websites are now hosted using WordPress and that is because it can be easy to work with yet versatile.

Once you have a completed website your on your way to making sure your customers/clients can find out about your company. A website is available 24/7 and acts as an important research tool for customers to find out about your company, information on your website can lead customers to getting in touch.

Then we come down to getting your company found. The best way to start is to try and get your company website and info spread across all kinds of social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc…. as well as being listed on a range of relevant websites.

We then come down to what Google loves best, new content. Google loves new content and so creating a blog and keeping it updated is key to moving to the top of Google. This process is however slow, there are ways of making things faster but this can be a minefield and if not done carefully will lead to your website being blacklisted from Google.


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