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Are we starting to see a shift to online advertising

With ITV expecting a 7% fall in q4 advertising sales (3% fall over the year) are we seeing a shift from traditional advertising to online.

Google and Facebook have shown a steady rise in online advertising over the year and it will be interesting to see what their q4 results will show for 2016.

Even though tv advertising reaches a wide audience there are advantages with digital advertising. With tv advertising its very difficult to prove truely how sucessful it was, Google advertising however has the added advantage of being able to track who clicked on your website and most importantly if that click lead to a sale.

By having this feature companies are able to monitor Google adverts and have a better control over their spending and exactly who sees their advert (reducing waste).

We are not saying however that tv and traditional advertising is dead as tv advertising can make sure that your message is heard infront of a large audience (in more of a white wash form of advertising). With the more popular shows attracting 6 – 8 million viewers a well placed tv advert would surely do you justice.

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