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Struggling for website visitors – Web designers Perth

Do you have a successful business but are struggling to attract customers to your website? or maybe your starting up and need to know quickly how to start getting customers and sales?

With the internet being controlled these days by companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft its always difficult to know exactly where you need to be targeting in order to get your website noticed.

We believe in 2016 Google is still key to making sure your noticed but is possibly the most difficult in getting results that are not paid for.

Here we will outline a few key areas which will help you on your way in getting your website noticed.

First of all a well designed website is key. Google looks at your website and certain areas will help rank you higher.

Is your website responsive? (adapts to different screen sizes)

If not then its highly recommended that you get your website updated, having a responsive website will  help your clients easily navigate your website (which will lead to more sales naturally). Google will see that your site is easy to navigate and will rank your website higher.

Does your website load quickly?

Speed is key, if your website loads slowly then Google finds it harder to pick out content and may mark you down. In order to fix this you may need to upgrade your web hosting.

It may not necessarily be a poor hosting company or cheap server that makes your website slow. Visitor numbers or size of information on your website (Ecommerce, blog, Forum) may lead to your website becoming slow, in this case all you need to do is upgrade your server as your current one no longer has the capacity to meet your needs.

Is your website well designed?

A poorly designed or outdated website can also hinder your ranking on google. If google finds your website hard to read then it will not gather the information correctly. A well designed website will also make sure that your website is displayed correctly across a range of browsers and screen sizes.

Have you correctly set up your onsite SEO?

One of the most important aspects of your website is contained with in the title headings, Image titles, and page descriptions. By running through your design its important to make sure that all your title tags and image titles are correctly set to your keywords and what you want people to look for when searching for your website. This helps search engines quickly pick out what your website sells (or does) in order to show it to those who are searching for your website or similar.

Lastly how often is your website updated?

Over the past few years Google has become more content hungry and loves websites that are regularly updated. Updating or blogging on your website tells google that your website is still very much an active website. This is where more struggle the most as this is very much time heavy and not everyone has time to sit down for an hour or so to tell people what they are up too.


Even with those areas fixed this is just one small part of your website and getting it ranked. Google looks at many other areas which we will go through. Over the next few months we will go in to more detail about certain areas of this and how it can effect your website rankings.

Google in the Uk is used for around 86% of searches, even though this is a massive amount its important not to totally ignore other search engines like Bing.

If you struggle with any part of this then please get in touch as we can certainly help you along. As a web designers Perth we are easily located to serve your company no matter where you are in the UK. We are also Google advertisement certified so can help you advertise on Google, as a well managed campaign can save you money.

In the mean time you could always look towards a paid advertisement campaign. The thought of having to spend money like this is always a difficult one but the instant results can help propel your company forward. Paid campaigns if well planned and managed do not have to cost the earth and as your organic Google listing grows your paid campaign can decrease.


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