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Time is money – Web designers Perth

Time is money – Web designers Perth

When it comes to running a business its important to think about priorities and how much your time is worth to you. As a Web designers Perth we understand completely how our time converts in to money.

We never say to anyone that designing their own webpage is a bad idea, this often works out well for those on a tight budget or who have a start up business that is slow to develop. We however think of ourselves as someone who may be able to save you money and time.

If you run a busy company then developing (or getting one of your staff to develop)  a website can take up valuable time which could be spend attracting new clients or dealing with current clients. This would in turn take someone away from the task of making your company successful.

Most of our websites (we are not ashamed to say) are developed using the WordPress platform. We custom design your website to suit your needs, and by using WordPress you get more control after the website has been completed. It is said around 60% of websites are now built on the WordPress platform including BBC America, Sony Music & Walt Disney Company (Sourced 2017)

Great you may be asking but what does this have to do with my company?

Well in short you need to decide what is right for your company, you are not alone however with this decision. There are companies out there or blog sources that can help. We are a Web designers Perth but we cater for companies all over the country (and even abroad) and we are more than happy to help you if needed.


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